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Since 1988, Argent Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning has been proudly serving Northern New Jersey residents and businesses. From the beginning, our company has been dedicated to treating our customers the way we’d treat our own family, providing skilled service and high quality products. That’s why we’re proud to be authorized dealers and certified installers of the complete line of Schluter® Systems. These innovative products are essential anywhere you’d like a tile or stone finish: the bathroom, kitchen, flooring — you name it! But even the best products can only perform up to expectations when they are properly installed. That’s why we’re pleased that Schluter® has certified our technicians to install its complete line of quality products. Reliable systems and components with trustworthy installation, that’s what you get when you choose Argent for your home or office remodel.   

Schluter® Systems: a leader in innovative tile installation products

Founded in 1966 by master tile installer Werner Schluter, Schluter® Systems has long been a leader in practical installation systems that enhance the look and the performance of tile surfaces. Today, Schluter® is the largest and most innovative supplier of these systems to the construction industry. The company owes its growth to the creative solutions  it has designed for problems associated with the installation of tile, such as:

  • Waterproofing — Moisture seeping through grout and accumulating in the substrata can cause structural damage and mold. In 1987, the company introduced the Schluter®-KERDI, a pliable sheet-applied membrane. Unlike traditional waterproofing, Schluter®-KERDI is bonded to the substrate, and the tile is applied directly. Therefore, moisture cannot seep into the mortar setting bed, so the risk of leakage and mold growth is reduced. This makes KERDI the perfect system for sealing tiles anywhere from bathroom showers to commercial kitchen floors.  
  • Stresses between tile and substrate — Bonding tile directly onto the substrate layer has many advantages, but a distinct disadvantage is the increased risk of cracks. This happens because the tile and the substrate are made of different materials, so they react differently to changes in temperature and moisture. Loose or cracked tiles are not just unsightly; they are safety hazards for which property owners can be held liable. To address this issue, the company introduced the Schluter®-DITRA uncoupling membrane in 1986.
  • Balcony drainage — A tile surface that is outdoors, exposed to the elements, is more prone to damage than an interior surface would be, due to rain, snow, and temperature swings from freezing to simmering. To slow the deterioration of the mortar bed on a tiled balcony, the company developed various water management systems.
  • Cold floors — Anyone who’s every gone to the bathroom in bare feet on a winter night knows how cold tiles can feel when the temperature drops. For this issue, the company introduced an electric floor warming system, the Schluter®-DITRA-HEAT, in 2014. This is the only electric floor warming system that also uses Schluter® Solutions to protect against cracked tiles and moisture. 

Of course, there are just a few of the many innovations over more than 50 years. At Argent, we are proud to have met Schluter® Systems’ exacting standards for certification as installers of these fine products. This means our technicians are thoroughly trained on the full line of products. We have the knowledge to advise you when you are planning a remodel and the skill to get the job done right. Moreover, you have our own company commitment to customer service, so you know we’ll be focused on your complete satisfaction.

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