Northern NJ Schluter® Dealers Offer Quality Waterproofing Products for Tile and Stone Surfaces

Innovative installation systems protect your home from damage due to moisture

Tile and stone surfaces in your bathrooms and kitchen give your home a rich look that endures. However, if the tile or stone has not been properly installed, moisture can seep into your home’s structure, leading to structural damage, infestation and even toxic mold. To keep your home and family safe, you must demand the best products for your home remodel, such as the Schluter® Systems for the bath, shower, floors and countertops. Argent is an official dealer of Schluter® Systems and our technicians are certified installers of these products. You can trust Schluter, a company with a record of excellence and innovation since 1966. And you can rely on Argent, a family-owned contracting business that has proudly served New Jersey homeowners since 1988.

How Schluter® Systems prevent moisture damage to your home

Anyone who lives in New Jersey understands the discomfort of high humidity, but do you fully understand what trapped moisture can do to destroy your home and sicken your family? Moisture breeds mold which produces unpleasant odors and causes respiratory symptoms, which can be especially severe for allergic individuals. Mold can also destroy objects you have stored in your home, and it is very expensive to remove. Moisture also makes life cozy for insects and small rodents, and moisture can cause electrical problems throughout your home. 

To prevent these issues, you need to keep moisture from collecting, especially in those rooms where you use the most water: your bathroom and kitchen. That’s where Schluter® Systems come in. These innovative products are designed to form impenetrable barriers between the underside of your tiles and your home’s structure. Moisture that gets between the tiles can’t seep down into the wood, so it simply evaporates over time, and your ventilation system can remove that moisture from your home. 

Leading products from a leading manufacturer 

Argent is an authorized dealer and certified installer of all Schluter systems for the home or business. The most popular products we sell to our Northern New Jersey clients include:

  • KERDI shower kit — This product is a pliable, waterproof membrane of modified polyethylene and polyproplyene that also retards vapors. The KERDI was developed to be used in conjunction with ceramic and stone tile coverings. Installers can lay tiles directly on KERDI to create a seal that gives lasting protection.
  • DITRA uncoupling board — Depending on the tiles you select and the surface on which they’re to be placed, you could have another concern: cracking. The DITRA uncoupling board provides reliable waterproofing while relieving stresses between the substrate and the tile which is a leading cause of cracking.
  • DITRA floor warming products — If you are tired of feeling a chill as you step barefooted onto a tile or stone floor, this innovative product line is for you. The Schluter®-DITRA-HEAT-E-KIT provides reliable waterproofing and protection against cracking in conjunction with an electric floor warming system. You can even set the thermostat with a touchscreen or wi-fi.

As authorized Schluter® dealers, our representatives can explain the various features of the entire product line to you. When you’re ready to remodel your kitchen, bath, or any other area where moisture might be an issue, we help you make the right decisions about the right products for you.

Contact our authorized Schluter® dealers serving Morris, Essex, Union, and Somerset Counties

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