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Clogged Drain Repair & Pipe Video Inspections in Morris, Essex, Union & Somerset Counties

An average of one in five homeowners will experience a clogged drain this year. Clogged drains are more than a nuisance. The average homeowner sends shampoos, detergents, toothpaste, food waste products and hair down their drains on a daily basis. A drain clog happens in very much the same way a heart attack happens. Similar to the plaque that can line the arteries of a human heart and cause a clog, the debris homeowners send down their drains can stick to the interior lining of their drains. Over time, this leads to decreased drain flow. If the drain is not cleaned regularly, this decreased flow worsens and, eventually, the drain clogs. Argent Plumbing’s contractors can utilize video inspection technology to diagnose the severity of the clogged drain.

Signs of Clogged Drains

While homeowners can practice diligent pipe and drain maintenance to discourage clogs, clogged drains are almost inevitable. Left unattended, clogged drains cause backups that can result in expensive and time-consuming home repairs. Below is a full list of signs of clogged drains. Homeowners experiencing any of these problems should call for professional drain cleaning services.

  • Water is backing up out of the sinks in a home.
  • Water in a bathroom’s shower does not drain immediately. Rather, it collects around the drain before slowly draining out.
  • The toilet’s water bubbles when the bathroom sink is turned on.
  • Water in showers, tubs and sinks is slow to drain – regardless of whether backup is present or not.
  • The drains are making gurgling sounds.
  • Unexplained puddles are forming around the sinks and tubs of a home.
  • Kitchen drains and disposals are giving off the smell of rotting food.

If any of these are present, homeowners can try a number of do-it-yourself tactics before calling for professional drain cleaning services.

Do It Yourself Tips For Cleaning Drains

True drain clogs will require professional drain cleaning. But homeowners looking to save money by attempting to solve the problem themselves can try these basic strategies before calling a drain cleaning expert.

  • Use a plunger on toilets. Plunge up to five times. If the clog persists and water is still draining slowly or bubbling, call for professional drain cleaning.
  • For double sinks in the kitchen, homeowners can attempt to plug one drain while plunging the other.
  • For bathroom clogs, fill the bathroom sink halfway and let drain. This should help clean out simple clogs.

Homeowners should avoid the temptation to use drain cleaning chemicals. These harsh chemicals can erode a drain’s interior. If the problem persists after do-it-yourself attempts to unclog the drain, call a professional drain cleaner. These professionals utilize the latest technology to unclog your drain. These services include motorized rooters, high-velocity water jetting, specialized expert snaking of a drain and more.

Drain Clearing & Jetting Services

  • Kitchen Drain Cleaning: Kitchen drains clog over time as a result of the buildup of grease, soap, fat and liquid detergents used for cleaning. As the inner walls of a kitchen’s drain get marred with residue from this debris, flow slows continuously until it eventually clogs and backs up. Argent also services commercial grease traps.
  • Bathroom / Urinal Toilet Drain Cleaning: Bathroom toilet drains and urinals are especially prone to clogging due to the sheer amount of usage and debris (hair, soap, toothpaste, etc.) traveling through a bathroom’s pipes monthly.
  • Basement and Utility Room Drain Cleaning: Floor drains are commonly found in basements, laundry rooms, garages, patios and driveways. Each of these drains comes with a trap that necessitates being kept full to avoid unpleasant odors and dangerous sewer gas from escaping. Floor drain clogs are often caused by dirt and debris flowing downstream into these drains and creating a backup.
  • Outdoor Drain Cleaning: Outdoor drains are most commonly used to shuttle water away from your home’s roof. These are referred to as downspout drains and are frequently connected to a city or county’s sewer system. Given this connection, these drains are at risk of clogging due to leaves and sewage debris. Argent’s drain clearing contractors also service gutter and leader lines, sewer catch basins, storm drains and roof drains.

Additional Pipe & Drain Services

Argent Contractors also provides specialty pipe and drain services including:

  • High Velocity Water Jetting
  • Pipe Scale Buildup Removal
  • Storm Drain Excavating
  • Sewer Repair
  • Pipe Bursting
  • Tree Root Intrusions
  • Video Inspections

Call a Qualified Drain Cleaning Company

Regular drain cleaning and maintenance is the key to preventing clogged drains and backups of water and debris into your home. A New Jersey drain cleaning professional will visit your home to assess and clear out any clogs. Call an Argent Plumbing drain cleaning expert today for clog-free drains. Our team can be reached at 908-296-1920.