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Understanding The Damaging Effects of Hard Water


For most homeowners, the water that flows from their showers and faucets is not questioned. It is maintained by their utility company and, unless it is oddly discolored or the homeowner is suffering from a hot or cold water shortage, homeowners rarely give the matter a second thought. Hard water is the term used to describe water that has not been filtered from the time it reaches your home’s water meter to the time it is dispensed from your faucets or showers. The minerals that are naturally found in a water supply have not been filtered out by a water softening system. While most homeowners are unaware of what hard water is, many calls to Argent Plumbing are a direct result of the damages resulting from unsoftened water supplies.

Hard water is full of minerals. When water has not been filtered through a water purification system, these mineral deposits latch on to your pipes. Over a period of years, these deposits of Magnesium and Calcium from your hard water coat your pipes in what is referred to as “pipe scale.” This pipe scale has the same effect as plaque buildup does on the human body’s arteries: more pressure is put on your pipes as a result of a decreased area of flow. This pressure can, over time, lead to the deterioration of your piping systems and will necessitate an emergency repair from Argent Plumbing technicians.

Hard WaterThe same effects can be found on your fixtures. The unfiltered mineral buildup travels through your pipes and latches on to your beautiful brass fixtures. These mineral deposits leave white buildup that reduces the visual appeal of the fixture and can lead to premature deterioration of the fixture.Furthermore, hard water can result in unpleasant odors and tastes in your water supply and have been known to increase the amount of soap used in your household, thereby increasing the amount of money spend on hygiene products for your family.

Water softener installation is a simple, effective and reliable way to protect your utilities and fixtures from the negative effects of hard water. A certified technician can install a water purification system in under a few hours. Call Argent Plumbing today to learn about our water purification systems.

Water Quality Treatment For New Jersey Residents

Easier cleaningWhen it comes to water softening systems, there are a few ways in which to treat your home’s hard water supply. A technician can either utilize the process of reverse osmosis to soften the water, or a water purification system can be installed. Argent Plumbing technicians are experienced in the installation and maintenance of both types of hard water treatments. The key to your home’s hard water problem is getting rid of these calcium and magnesium buildups in the water supply. Reverse Osmosis and water filtration systems are the two most common strategies for accomplishing this.

Understanding Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is one way of softening a home’s water. In this process, a semi-permeable membrane is used to apply enough pressure to the water to remove a large number of the water’s contaminating elements. Often used to remove salt from sea water, this technique can also be utilized in your home to remove the calcium and magnesium deposits found in hard water.

Understanding Water Filtration Devices

Drinking WaterTypically, a water filtration system is one that is installed onto your home’s actual plumbing and produces an ion exchange that results in softened water. In this ion exchange, the filtration system is exchanging calcium and magnesium for the non-damaging sodium element. The key to an effective water filtration system lies in the system’s mineral tank. This tank, filled with small polystyrene beads, acts as a resin for the water and carries a negative charge. Both calcium and magnesium carry a negative charge and, therefore, will grab hold of the beads as they exit the filtration system. The result: water that is free from these damaging minerals. An Argent Plumbing technician can walk you through the exact process used by these water filtration devices while demonstrating the variety of options homeowners have in their choice of filtration devices.

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If your home’s fixtures and utilities are rapidly declining as a result of the effects of hard water, call Argent Plumbing today. Our technicians will walk you through the process, visit your home for an assessment and quickly and effectively install water purification systems on each of your pipelines. Our technicians service residents in and around Somerset, Union, Morris and Essex counties.