NJ Climate Control Services for Custom Wine Cellars and Walk-In Humidors

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If you fancy yourself an oenophile, but regularly hold off buying a new label you’ve discovered, because your basement gets too hot in August, it’s time to re-evaluate how you store your wine. If you’ve outgrown the small refrigerator that can only cool a dozen precious bottles at a time, and you dream of having your own wine cellar, the reliable HVAC specialists at Argent can help. Imagine, an elegant space to organize and grow your collection, making you the envy of dinner guests, business associates, and fellow connoisseurs. With custom solutions scaled to your needs, we can put this dream within easy reach, while giving the impression of utter extravagance. We can even install a humidor, so whenever you need a fine cigar to enhance your experience of a certain vintage, there is always one within reach.

Five reasons to install a custom wine cellar in your home

A custom wine cellar is not simply an indulgence; it’s an investment. Adding this luxury feature to your home instantly increases its resale value. But that’s just the beginning of the benefits, which include:

  1. Properly ageing your wine – It’s conventional wisdom that wine improves with age, and while this is an oversimplification, it is generally true, especially for reds. But improvement only comes when the wine is properly stored at the right temperature with the right humidity and at the right angle. Regulating the climate allows your stored wine to reach its maximum potential.
  2. Organizing your wine – Racks from floor to ceiling give you the space you need to separate wines by grape and vintage. You always know where your supply stands, so you can make better buying decisions.
  3. Increasing your collection’s value – Having trustworthy storage space allows you to purchase wine you like by the case, which is always more economical than buying individual bottles. In addition, acquiring wine when it’s relatively new and holding until it matures means you are buying when the price is low and enjoying your wine at its peak. Since certain reds remain pleasing to the palate for more than 40 years, you can build a valuable collection over time.
  4. Security – A locked unit is a deterrent to burglars. It can also discourage curious teens in your household who might sneak a bottle of Opus One 2009 to share with friends over a mushroom pizza.
  5. Status – Nothing adds more heft to your reputation as a sommelier than an in-home wine cellar. Invite an honored guest to accompany you to choose the wine for your dinner table. And when you’re the guest, you can always confidently pull a prize bottle from the rack to bring to a neighbor’s home.

If you’re enough of an aficionado to appreciate a truly good bottle of wine, you understand its potential as an investment. Protect and enhance your investment with a fashionable and functional wine cellar from a leading HVAC installer in the Garden State.

Complete your man-cave or traditional study with a walk-in humidor

If you are also inclined to enjoy a well-crafted cigar, and are fond of hosting like-minded friends, a walk-in humidor could be the ultimate feature to complete your home. These units, generally designed to fit in the corner of a room, are very popular among men who’ve cordoned off a small section of the house as their Fortress of Solitude. Whether your refuge is a man cave crowded with sports memorabilia, or a classic study with leather wingback chairs and a Romanesque chess set, there’s a humidor suited to your taste and circumstances. Imagine giving your guests a choice of fine Honduran, Nicaraguan, Dominican and Cuban cigars you’ve selected according to your discriminating taste.

As with wine, cigars properly stored can age to perfection, so a good smoke can become a great smoke. But, once you have your in-home humidor, you won’t have to pay extra for vintage cigars; you can buy what you like and let it mellow until it’s ready for peak enjoyment.

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