Affordable HVAC Maintenance Packages

Inexpensive service contracts for HVAC customers in Morris, Essex, Union, and Somerset Counties, NJ

Why wait for your HVAC systems to break down to address a problem? Instead of trouble shooting an issue every time it arises, consider an affordable HVAC maintenance package from Argent. Every heating and air conditioning system needs regular maintenance to continue working at maximum efficiency with minimal repair. Systems that are not properly maintained will use more energy than they should and will not provide the comfort you expect from your investment.

A maintenance agreement from Argent gives you the peace of mind of knowing your heating and air conditioning equipment stays protected, with regular monitoring from trusted technicians. Our technicians offer seasonal maintenance packages to prevent problems and ensure your HVAC equipment stays in perfect working order. To learn more, speak with an Argent representative today.

Benefits of a Service Maintenance Plan:

  • Keep energy bills down – HVAC systems that are in top working order run more efficiently and use less energy.
  • Improve air quality – An improperly working furnace could be sending toxic fumes into your home, while a poorly functioning central A/C unit might be letting in unnecessary pollen and particles from the outdoors. When your equipment is regularly maintained, you are ensuring your family is breathing in the freshest, healthiest air.
  • Prevent costly repairs – By performing regular service from trained professionals, you’ll help reduce the need to perform expensive and aggravating repairs in the future.
  • Less work for you – Why try to fix a problem yourself when you can have an experienced Argent technician looking out for you? You never have to waste a weekend again trying to figure out how to make your heating and cooling units work better.
  • Heating system maintenance

With a heating system service contract, we’ll talk with you first about your specific system to understand the history of the equipment and address any particular issues. Choose our Fall Heating Service and Start up to make sure your home stays warm and comfortable in the frigid winter months.

Some heating system maintenance services include:

  • Furnace inspection
  • Make sure all parts are in working order
  • Ensure all parts are safe for use
  • Clean burners, motor, blower compartment, and heat exchanger
  • Replace or clean air filters
  • Check flue, thermostat, blower motors, and more

Cooling system maintenance

Before the temperatures and humidity rise, have an Argent technician ensure your air conditioning units are ready to handle the heat. A trained professional will get to know your unique space and system to properly diagnosis and prevent potential problems. A Spring Air Conditioning Service and Start up service contract from Argent ensures your whole family stays cool in the summer.

Some of our cooling system maintenance services include:

  • Inspection for leaks, malfunctioning parts
  • Test pumps, coils, air filters, and motors
  • Test all electrical connections, thermostat, and voltage
  • Clean filters, motor, and blower compartment
  • Clean condensate drain and test pumps

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