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The Rheem story is one of constant innovation to create intelligent, efficient, home-comfort products. Rheem products are designed with your needs in mind to give you greater control over your energy and water consumption and to lower the environmental impact of your home heating and cooling. Rheem is a company focused on transforming the HVAC industry with ground-breaking air and water solutions. If you are mindful of sustainability, the Rheem line could be the best choice for your home, and a certified professional at Argent Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning can provide the information and assistance you need.

Rheem Products deliver comfort and conservation

When it comes to heating a cooling your home, you want optimum comfort, but you also want to be environmentally responsible. Rheem products are dependable, quiet, and efficient, so you can stay warm in winter and cool throughout the summer. But along with performance that exceeds expectations, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing Rheem products are designed and manufactured with a goal of zero waste. Their process focuses on operational excellence, which includes recyclable solutions for packaging and parts, consuming fewer resources and minimizing waste during manufacture, and using greener transportation methods. By 2025, Rheem® has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent and sending zero waste to landfills.

Yet, the company’s sustainable practices don’t mean compromising on comfort, as you can see from their fine line of products:

  • Furnaces — Rheem offers wide range of oil, propane or natural gas furnace models, with Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rated as high as 96 percent.
  • Air Conditioners — Rheem’s top-quality, innovative AC solutions comprise the latest technology for dependable performance and are backed by great warranties.
  • Air handlers — There was a time when being environmentally conscious meant putting up with cold spots in winter and overheated areas in summer. Now, these innovative products deliver a higher level of comfort while keeping your energy usage and your utility bills low.
  • Heat pumps — Enjoy year-round comfort with smartly designed, efficient units that pump in warm air from outdoors to heat your home, and expel warm air to cool your home down.
  • Water heaters — There’s probably no feature in your home that can do more to increase your energy efficiency and reduce fuel costs than an efficient hot water heater. Rheem features a wide range of solutions, so you’re sure to find the perfect unit for your home and your family’s water usage. Options include tankless condensing, tankless mid-efficiency, tankless electric, hybrid water heaters, tank-type gas, tank-type electric, point-of-use heaters, and solar.

Rheem products are EcoNet™ Enabled to allow precision control from your smartphone, energy and cost savings, and the added protection of timely maintenance reminders.

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Rheem helps you make a responsible choice for the planet, but how can you know you’re getting the right equipment for your home and your family? When you consult with a knowledgeable Argent representative, you get patient assistance focused on your needs. Since 1988 our family-owned business has treated customers like family. We’ll help you get the right products to optimize home comfort for the ones you love.

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